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Larnaca Marina

Larnaca Marina is situated in the bay of Larnaca and lies 110 nautical miles from Beirut and Tripoli, 182 n.m. from Tel-Aviv, 230 n.m. from Port-Said and 300 n.m. from Rhodes. The position of the Marina is 34 deg. 55 min. North - 33 deg. 38 min. East. The Marina an official Port of Entry, has berthing facilities for 450 yachts of various sizes.

The minimum depth of the useable part of the Marina is approximately 1.5M and the maximum is 4.5M. The nature of sea bed is mud and sand. The Marina is entirely protected from all weather conditions. Access to the Marina is controlled and limited to yacht owners and crews. The Marina has security guard on a 24hour basis.

Amenities: All yachts moored in the Marina may use every facility and service available, at a reasonable charge.
Water Supplied on board (free of charge)
Electricity Supplied on all quays at 240 volts/50HZ.
Telephone, Telex and Fax Services are available at the Marina office.
Fuel is available at the end of the main North pier.
Yacht Repair/Facilities: A unit for the hauling/launching and servicing/repairing of yachts operates within the Marina.
Laundry-Showers-Lockers-Post Office boxes: Available within the Marina.
Public Address system to all areas.
- Serviced Asphalted Hard standing areas.
- Independent Brokerage.
- Dry Cleaners.
- Mini Market, food and Provisions store.
- Chandlery.
- Duty Free Shop
- Toilets, Showers and Coin Operated washing Machines.
- Osmosis treatment unit.
- Travel Hoist 40 tons.

Berthing Charges: These vary according to the duration of stay and the length of the vessel. As charges are liable to change please contact for any further information:
Larnaca Marina
Telex: 4500 CYTMAR
Tel: (24) 653110, Fax: (24) 624110
Yachts coming to or leaving Cyprus, can clear Customs and Immigration formalities from within the Marina.

Larnaca Marina Amateur Maritime Mobile Net:
A radio service for yacht persons operating daily on 14.313MHZ from 09.00-10,00 GMT.
Larnaca Marina has a Marine VHF communication service on a 24hrs basis (Listening: Ch16 Working Ch.8).

Limassol Sheraton Pleasure Harbor

The pleasure Harbor, located at longitude 33 deg. 11 min. - latitude 34deg. 42min. is a very special feature of the Resort, ideal for motor and sailing enthusiasts.
There is 24-hour security with guards patrolling the Pleasure Harbor grounds for the safety of the guests.
The breakwater is constructed in such a way as to protect the harbor from waves up to 5 meters in height.
Fire fighting equipment is installed throughout the Harbor reaching all yachts within the area.
The space available for each yacht is fully supported by a Mediterranean type mooring system for stern Mooring.
There are 227 berths accommodating boats up to 30m LOA and 4m draught. Yachts are moored stern-on to 3 concrete piers with all facilities, including connected freshwater, electricity, telephone, TV and hooked-up in-house video.

- Shuttle bus to/from town
- Public bus transportation
- Taxi rank

- Floodlit Harbor
- Public Address System
- Ample parking
- Toilets and Showers
- Slipway maximum LOA 8,5m
- Storage on the "Hard"
- Brokerage
- Laundry and Dry Cleaners
- Ship Chandler
- Mini Market and shops
- Pleasure Harbor General Stores
- Workshop for scrubbing off, painting, electrical or any other repairs and maintenance are available.
- Marine Hoist up to 60 tons capacity.

Yachtsmen are part of the clientele of the resort and have access to all Sheraton Hotel facilities.
Yachts coming to, or leaving Cyprus can clear Customs and Immigration formalities from within the pleasure Harbor Offices.

For further information please apply to:
Limassol Sheraton Pleasure Harbor
P.O. Box 51064, Telex: 3229
Tel: (25) 321100 ext. 3312, Fax: (25) 324394

MASS MEDIA (Press/Broadcasting/Television)


There are 10 daily and 5 weekly newspapers published on the island. One of the dailies and one of the weeklies are in English and together with periodicals of weekly or monthly issue, they cover a wide variety of subjects.
Most UK, and some other European as well as Arabic Newspapers are on sale in Cyprus usually one day after the day of issue.


  1. The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) - Radio Programs transmit on 3 programs on both AM and FM but only "program Two" broadcasts programs in English.
    Program Two - FM 91.1 MHz
    Program Two is on the air from 06:30 in the morning to midnight and transmits programs in English, Turkish, Russian, Armenian and Arabic. The English program consists of news bulletins, followed by weather forecasts, currency rates, cultural events at 10:00, 13:30 news in English, 14:00 and 20:00 hours useful and entertaining information and music (classical and popular International).

  2. There are numerous other private Radio stations which transmit their own programs, in both English and Greek.

  3. BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service). Radio BFBS in on the air 24 hours a day with programs in English, designed for British Bases personnel.

They include news bulletins, music, competitions, local events, etc.


In Cyprus, one can receive the following channels for television:

  1. CyBC transmits in Channel 1 and Channel 2.

  2. Euronews (daily 1:00 - 16:00)

  3. Greek Television - ET 1.

  4. Sigma TV - Cypriot private channel.
  5. LOGOS/MEGA - Cypriot private channel.

  6. ANT 1 - Greek private channel television

  7. LTV - Lumiere TV - Pay TV channel.

  8. ALPHA - Sports channel (Pay TV)

  9. SSVC - British Forces TV.

  10. Most hotels have installed satellite transmission and receive other channels i.e.: Mega Channel, CNN, BBC, SKY, NBC, SUPER CHANNEL, ORT, e.t.c.

All programs are broadcast in color and the television service provides some of the best TV entertainment (mainly in English) from British, American and other sources, in addition to Greek and locally-produced programs.


Medical care needs in Cyprus are met through:

  1. Government General Hospitals

  2. Private Clinics

General Hospitals and private clinics are mostly concentrated in urban areas, while health centers, sub-centers, and dispensaries function in the rural areas, providing a network to meet the medical needs of the whole population.
All General Hospitals as well as some private clinics have casualty departments for emergency cases.
Medical treatment and assistance is offered to international tourists in case of health emergencies at the Ambulatory and Emergency Department of Government Hospitals/institutions free of charge. Holiday-makers can also make use of their social insurance which covers medical expenses, provided that this insurance covers the length of their stay on the island.
Almost all brands of manufactured medicines are available in Cyprus. Local newspapers list pharmacies which are open during the night and on weekends/holidays. Most hotels make arrangements for Medical services for their guests upon request. The majority of doctors are English speaking.
Private doctors visiting hours (on weekdays) : 09:00 - 13:00 hrs & 16:00 - 19:00 hrs

Lefkosia General Hospital: +357 22 60 30 00 (Accidents & Emergency) First Aid: 112 199
Lemesos General Hospital: +357 25 80 11 00, 25 30 57 70
Larnaka General Hospital: +357 24 80 05 00, 24 80 03 69
Pafos General Hospital: +357 26 80 31 45, 26 80 31 00
Famagusta General Hospital: +357 23 200 000
Polis Hospital: +357 26 82 18 00
Kyperounta Hospital: +357 25 80 67 00
Agros Rural Health Centre: +357 25 52 13 17
Platres Rural Health Centre: +357 25 42 13 24


Cyprus converted from the Imperial system of weights and measures to the Metric system, in 1987.
Weather temperature reports are now given in degrees Celsius, Petrol is sold by the liter, grocery items are in grams and kilograms, fabric lengths in meters, and road speeds posted in kilometers per hour.


When driving a motorcycle please have in mind the following: - The rider and pillion rider of a motor cycle must always wear a crash helmet.
- Motor-cyclist driving an auto-cycle (less than 50cc) can not carry any passenger over 12 years old.
- It is strictly forbidden to drive racing-motor-cycles within the town boundaries of the coastal holiday resorts, and towns between 18:00 hrs and 08:00 hrs. One may contact the Area Police Division for further guidance as to in which areas motor-cycling is forbidden.
When hiring a motorcycle please have in mind the following: 

- If the customer wishes a full-comprehensive insurance cover, an extra sum, PER DAY, is added to the motor-cycle rental tariff, i.e.: CY3,00 - CY5,00 for motor-cycles up to 70cc., CY4,00 - CY8,00 for motor-cycles over 70cc.
- Unlimited mileage.
- The International Motor-Cycle-Driving License is valid in Cyprus. Visitors may also drive vehicles using their national Motor-Cycle-Driving License, provided this is valid in their own country for the class of vehicle they wish to drive. Otherwise, temporary Motor- Cycle Driving license can be obtained from the District Police Stations for a period of 6 months.
- 17 years old persons may not drive any vehicles, other than the Auto Cycles (49cc). Persons over 18 years old may drive motorcycles of any category.
- Firms hiring motor-cycles and auto-cycles can be found in all towns and holiday resorts.

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