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Cyprus media and news directory for news, sports, tv, (six major television channels-Alfa TV, ANT1, Cy.B.C., Lumiere TV, Mega Channel, Sigma TV) , radio, broadcasting, journals, newspapers, magazines.

Links that cover a variety of news and features, with emphasis on political developments, human rights, the environment, tourism and finance, but also the arts, music and sports.

- Several television channels can be viewed from almost everywhere on the island, and also some local channels that are broadcasting news and events of their cites. Due to the location of Cyprus the satellite channels that can be received cover a range from European, Russian, Middle Eastern and Indian TV satellites.
- Plenty radio stations that cover all tastes of music.check the schedules of the local radio stations, and find out what time they have programs in your language!
- Newspapers (published in both Greek and English ), cover not only news from Cyprus, but also global news and events.


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